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Ensimmäisenä listallani on amerikkalainen kiertuemanagerimme Roger Smith. Aioin kääntää tämän suomeksi, mutta muutamien ajatuksien suomentaminen ei oikein onnistunut, niin päätin, että jokainen saa tehdä käännöksensä itse.

1: Name, nationality
Roger Smith, American – Born in Chicago, moved to Houston, Texas when I was 8 years old.


2: What you are doing with the band ?
Tour mgr & Go for – ice, beer , towels , stage waters all sorts.. hahahaha

3: What & when was your first show (not with NW ) ?
My 1st real touring show was back in 1997 with a band called “ Oppressor “ opening up for Cannibal Corpse “

3: When you joined the crew ?
I joined the NW crew in 2012

4: What other bands or tours have you done ?
I started out doing death metal bands..
Oppressor – Vader – Krisiun – Emperor – Witchey – Immortal – Godhead – Soil – Wednesday 13 – Murderdolls – Sonata Arctica – Soilwork – Gwar – Amorphis – The Covenant – Nightwish

5: Tell me something about your normal day
It’s about an 16 to 18 hour day.. get up before the bus gets to the venue – do a walk thru before the crew gets into the venue – post day sheets, get catering together – get the local and touring crew put together and work out any issues and problems that might pop up – start getting the meet n greet ready – speak with the security staff about the show and what we want from them. Settle the show and make sure all the number add up right – get after show food for the touring crew that has been working all day – then make sure the bus drivers get back to the bus on time before we depart for the next venue – then start it all over again – like ground hog day

6: What is your worst nightmare on tourr ?
Bus breaking down – singer getting sick and can’t sing – canceling shows  due to weather or slow ticket sales – gear getting lost or stolen – or left at the last venue – tracking a package that never comes or get stuck in a city that you just played in the night before

7: What equipments you are using with Nightwish
Mac Book Pro
HP printer
iPhone 6 +
Walkie-talkie radio
Coastal Flash Light
Oakley Back Pack
Pelican Case for my printer
Swiss Labtop bag
Fitbit watch to track my activity

8: And the last : Is there something else you´d like to tell us !
I’ve been touring professionally since 1997 – What you see is what you get a sweet , laid-back person – kill you with kindness , always have a smile to greet anyone – always say thank you and your welcome – that means a lot to me.. don’t judge a book by its cover..

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